Bill and Rookie “After the Show” Podcast!

Right after the Bill and Rookie Experience the mics stay on with Bill and Rookie….that’s what you’ll find here…..Hear sports, life and maybe a little love…..things they love that is!!!!  It’s the Bill and Rookie “After The Show” Podcast!

March 4th…Bill and Rookie…Rookie’s Bantam hockey team off to the State Tournament

March 3rd…Bill and Rookie…A big Thank-You to Fan Nation

March 2nd…Bill and Rookie…J.J. Watt breaks Packers fans hearts!

March 1st…Bill and Rookie are eager to hit the golf course!


February 26th…Bill and Rookie’s Favorite Food at the Ballpark..and how to eat it!

February 25th…Bill and Rookies “Not So Good” Game Memories!  Can you relate?

February 24th…Bill and Rookie share.the stories of the scariest flights they have ever been on!

February 23rd…Pets and Kids Skills!  What did Bill and Rookie have when growing up!

February 22nd…It happened 41 years ago!  Do You Believe in Miracles?  YES! YES!!

February 18th Who is worthy of the Hall of Fame?

February 17th Winter sports now and when we were kids!

February 16th Our relationships with Grandpa and kids!

February 12th What would we be doing if we weren’t on the radio!

February 11th Championship Parade Celebrations and the ones Bill and Rookie have attended!

February 10th Would you want Bill or Rookie be your coach?  We’re talking coaching styles!

February 8th Who was the SB MVP???  Should have been the Defense!!!

February 5th Super Bowl 10 years ago!  Final Chapter with Bill and Rookie!

February 3rd Super Bowl Week 2011 with Bill and Rookie!

February 2nd: What happened Tuesday February 1st 2011

February 1st.  It’s been 10 years and how Rookie got his Dallas Stars Beanie!

January 29th the anniversary of the hire of Vince Lombardi…Would you like to go back….we would!

January 28th Our First Heartbreaking Losses

January 27th Rodgers and The Media

January 26th Youth Hockey Pains

January 22nd Meeting The Greats

January 20th

January 19th

January 15th