The Fan’s G.O.A.T. Getaway

Goat Getaway

The Fan and Event USA want to send you to the biggest game of the year!

Travel to New England in November to see which No. 12 reigns supreme … and you could be there to find out in person!

  • Here’s how to qualify:
    • 1. Listen at about 7 AM, 9 AM, 11 AM and 5 PM every weekday.
    • 2. We’ll play our “GOAT Super Sounder.”
    • 3. When you hear the sounder, be Caller No. 12 at 920-393-1075.
  • Just for qualifying, you’ll win some Fan Gear, and an invitation to our Giveaway Party (Sept. 27) at Green Bay Distillery.
    • Someone will leave the GBD with our Grand Prize for the Nov. 4 Showdown in Foxborough.

Get the Rules HERE